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About Rapback

The Rapback Program began in 2007 with the passage of Ohio Senate Bill 97. The intent of the program is to protect Ohioans by providing additional safeguards against allowing convicted criminals to remain in positions of trust (e.g. school teachers, foster parents).

Background checks only provide a “snapshot” view of a person’s criminal history at a specific moment in time. Agencies with individuals enrolled in the Rapback Program receive notifications of subsequent criminal activity.

For enrolled individuals, BCI stores fingerprints captured as part of the employment screening processes in a separate Retained Applicant Fingerprint Database. These prints are searched against all new criminal prints, and prints submitted to BCI as part of a court disposition process. When a match is found, BCI provides rap sheet information back (“rap-back”) to the enrolling agency, who can then determine the individual's eligibility for continued employment or to retain a license issued.

The current version of Rapback requires a state agency to manage the enrollment as well as disenrollment of applicants. The upgrade to Rapback 2.0 will not only allow potential employees to be enrolled into Rapback, but will also allow the enrollment/disenrollment process to be managed by the employer.

A participating public office, as that term is defined in Revised Code (“R.C.”) 109.5721 (A)(3), or a participating private party, as that term is defined in R.C. 109.5721(A)(5) (each a “Participant”), may enroll individuals in the Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s (“BCI”) Retained Applicant Fingerprint Database continuous criminal record monitoring service (“Rapback Service”) to obtain criminal record checks.

In order to use the Rapback Service, the Participant shall submit an application to BCI via the Rapback Service secure webportal (“webportal”), and agree to these Terms of Use. The Participant must be approved by BCI to use the Rapback Service to enroll individuals. The Participant also agrees to receive notices under these Terms of Use electronically.

To enroll an individual in the Rapback Service, the Participant must provide the information requested on the webportal and pay the fee set forth in these Terms of Use. Enrolled individuals will be added to the Rapback Service. It is the Participant’s sole responsibility to unenroll any individual from the Rapback Service if the criminal record checks are no longer needed for that individual.

Fingerprint-based criminal record databases maintained by BCI pursuant to R.C. 109.57 will be continually compared against the Retained Applicant Fingerprint Database. When the Rapback Service discovers that records received under R.C. 109.572 indicate an individual enrolled in the Rapback Service has been arrested or convicted of a crime or escalated misdemeanor, the Rapback Service will alert the Participant to log into the webportal for more information. The Ohio Attorney General is not responsible for any legal determinations, notifications or actions that are required as a result of information received under the Rapback Service.

The Participant will be responsible to log into the webportal for relevant information and for the notification to the employer/employee of a felony or escalated misdemeanor.

The Participant understands that the Rapback Service is not a records retention service, but rather a notification service only, and the Participant is responsible for retaining any information received from use of the Rapback Service in accordance with the Participant’s retention schedule. The Ohio Attorney General is not responsible for retaining any records or information received by the Participant through use of the Rapback Service.

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How to Begin:

To become a participant in Rapback, select the Register link. Fill out the form as required, agree to Terms of Use and submit.

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What to Expect Next:

The registration will be reviewed by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation. Based on regulations, participation will be either granted or denied. At that time an email will be sent with approval status and a link to the home page with program details and the user guides.

If participation is granted, a second email will be sent when the enrollment in Rapback is finalized. This email will include your login credentials. While waiting for this email, begin thinking about what user accounts need to be created and what permissions should be granted. For more information on creating user accounts, refer to section 2.2 of the user guide.

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Rapback User Manuals:

Rapback User Manual for Customer.pdf
Rapback User Manual for Hazardous, Solid and Infectious Waste Facilities.pdf
Rapback User Manual for ODJFS.pdf
Rapback User Manual for ODJFS Sub Agency.pdf

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Terms and Conditions of Use:


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For Rapback questions, please call BCI at 877-224-0043.